Summer Set Property Owners Association 

Board Member Terms

 2013 Elections: Term Ends 2016
Homeowner: Michael McMurray: 57 votes
Non Homeowner: Tony Georges: acclamation
Non Homeowner: no non-homeowner nominations, go to Homeowner: Ted Fox 42 votes 

 Homeowner for 2 years to fill vacated Michael McMurray position: Pat Spradling: acclamation Term Ends: 2016

2014 Elections: Term Ends 2017
Homeowner: Carrie Folk: acclamation
Homeowner: Kari Brooks: acclamation 
Non Homeowner: Joe Rosenbaum: acclamation

 Carrie Folk resigned October 2014: Jeremiah Bell appointed 

 Ted Fox removed from Board January 2015: Anthony Hodge appointed

 2015 Elections: Term Ends 2018
Homeowner: Virgil Summers: 43 Votes
Non Homeowner: Steve Hedderich: acclamation
Non Homeowner: Mike Strieker: acclamation 
Mike Strieker: Resigned July, 2015: John Scullin appointed in position until Annual Meeting June 2016

 Non Homeowner: Steve Hedderich, resigned from Board July 2015: Term ends 2018

A Special Meeting was held on Sunday, August 16th, 2015 at the De Soto Community Center

 Non-Homeowner: 3 Year Term: ends in 2018
Gene Killian, acclamation

 Non-Homeowner: 1 Year Term: ends in 2016
Steve Pinkly, letter write in, acclamation

 Homeowner: 2 Year Term: ends in 2017
Anthony Hodge, 82 votes to 42 votes Gary Kunnemann 


The 2015 Boat and Recreation Vehicle Stickers have arrived! All Motorized Boats MUST BE re-registered.

You may bring your boat and title to the office during normal office hours or call for an appointment for us to come to you.

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