Summer Set Property Owners Association 

Attention Residents: Thanks to the due diligence of the maintenance staff there will be no service outages, and the 24 hour Water Boil has been lifted. Thank you for your patience.

​Summer Set Board of Directors Officers and Committee Chairs:
President: John Scullin
Vice President: Anthony Hodge
Treasurer: Tony Georges
Secretary: Pat Spradling

Architectural Control: Anthony Hodge
Fishing and Boating: Gene Killian
Activities/Good Neighbor: Kari Brooks
Roads: Anthony Hodge
Finance: Tony Georges
Lakes, Parks, Beaches, Grounds, Campgrounds: Pat Spradling

A private, gated community located in rural Jefferson County, Missouri. Our residents enjoy the scenic landscape, annual fishing tournaments, campgrounds, swimming, and other recreational activities. Explore the website for general information and activity updates!